Sand Sculpture Museum stands out as a unique and fun culture art event for every age groups and provides special programs for school groups.  

This year the curiosity of humans towards space and their breakthroughs as milestones in this subject are characterized chronologically within Space Adventure theme. First drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo who is also named as the father of astronomy, Hezarfen Ahmed Çelebi, Wright Brothers, first zeppelins, Yuri Gagarin, Neil Armstrong, Columbia Space Shuttle, Mars Space Colony, Space X Dragon 2 Capsule and many more are characterized with sculptures within this theme and of course characters of many unforgettable space movies such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Interstellar, Avatar take the visitors a magical journey. 

School trips are supported with quiz programs with awards (TUBITAK Popular Science Publications). Students experience live space exploration free of charge by watching moon, sun and planets through telescopes installed in exhibition area.  

Students also have the opportunity to watch documentary including the creation phases of sand sculptures in big led screen available in exhibition area. 

If it is requested within the scope of student trip, a sand sculpture workshop program is organized by using kinetic sand suitable for age groups of students in Magic Sand Castle with the capacity of 60 people. In the program, taking approximately 1 hour, students have the opportunity of making sculpture by themselves, maybe the first time in their lives. The aforementioned program is charged and each student gets special kinetic sand. Also a participation certificate is given to students at the end of program. 

Please contact us from telephone number +90 545 378 7 83 for content of School Trip Program and its fees and detailed information and reservation.

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