Celestron is of U.S. origin, which has achieved progressive technological developments in its field to date.
one of the world’s leading manufacturers of telescopes, binoculars, microscopes and accessories

Celestron uses superior optical designs as well as the latest GPS technologies
It develops products that have easy use and contain as much advanced technology. Especially
Groundbreaking new ground in the field of telescopes with WIFI modules, which offer extremely easy operation

Have an amateur and professional level product range suitable for every user profile
Celestron has a telescope for anyone interested in space.
Space in the exhibition area within the framework of the cooperation with the Sand Sculpture Museum and Celestron
observations are made with unique products of this brand. Also Sandland’s Astro
Celestron products with 2-year Worldwide warranty are offered for sale in the Shop and the most exclusive
prices can be found here.

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