Enriched with culture-art and entertainment content in a different environment for your child
If you are planning to organize a unique birthday party, the Sand Sculpture Museum offers you this opportunity
it offers more than enough.

Magic Sand Castle, suitable for birthday activities from 1 hour to 3 hours
while hosting the little ones outdoors in a shaded area, the parents are right next to the
enjoys a tireless birthday party in the Cafeteria that flows on the side.
For the birthday parties you plan to organize for children, you can have
Magic Sand Castle offers a different option.

In this area of 100 square meters, the little ones have an unforgettable birthday with the theme of “Space”. Mini contests
In addition to the games and games, in this area with a capacity of 60 people, if you wish, with the sand sculpture workshop program
We can also offer the little ones an opportunity to show their creativity.
For detailed information about special content for different age groups and for other requests
please contact us at +90 545 378 71 83.

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