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SANDLAND (Antalya Sand Sculpture Museum) has been one of the oldest, most pretigious and biggest scuplture activities in the world which has been held since 2006 with features such as area width, number of participating artists and used sand amount as an exhibition with hundreds of giant sand sculptures.
Sand sculpture art is an Ephemeral (temporary) art recently became popular in the world. Only sand and river water are used in sand sculpture events within the scope of alternative arts. Sculptures created by international sculptors each year on April appear as wonderful art pieces in which only sand and water are used weighing hundreds of tons and meters in length and height. Sand sculpture art has the philosophy of stating that nothing is permanent and everything will perish one day. Thus, these unique art pieces are exhibited for a short time and completely removed after the exhibition.

These wonderful art pieces, are created by using 10 thousand tons river sand in a 7 thousand meter square area at World reknown Lara Beach of Antalya and can be visited everyday as the result of three weeks of works of professional sand sculpture artists who participate from many countries in the World. Sandland, the first and only 12 months visitable open exhibition in thw world, can be visited each day between the hours 09:00-23:00 in the period of 1st of May – 1st of November, and 09:00-19:00 in the period of 1st of November – 1st of May.

New theme for the exhibition of this year has been determined as ”SPACE ADVENTURE”. In the exhibition, the journey of humanity to the space has been presented chronologically with an enjoyable and educatory approach. In this scope, sculptures related to Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo, Wright Brothers, Montgolfier Brothers, Hazerfen Çelebi, Zeplin, the first human in space, Yuri Gagarin, first human on moon, Neil Armstrong, Columbia Space Shuttle, Space X Dragon 2 Capsule, Mars Space Colony, planets in Solar System and many more sculptures within the scope of theme are available. Also, many space movie heroes featured in Star Wars, Star Trek, Wall-E, Avatar, Guardians of the Galaxy, Fifth Element and more are being represented in exhibition.

In terms of theme, the visitors have an opportunity to see the sun, moon and planets in the big screen with strong telescopes, and also human gyroscope, creating an environment without gravity, which are used for training of astronauts, provides a unique experience for visitors.

In this event area appealing to the ages from 7 to 70, little visitors can participate workshop program held by using kinetic sand in Magical Sand Castle and have the opportunity to create their first art piece of their own. In the exhibition, located near the sea, guests also can participate to events such as atv safari, water sports and similar.

Sculptures in the exhibition area are colored with led lighting systems at night and the area become a magical environment with music broadcast presented within theme. In a big led screen located in Museum Cafeteria, a documentary on how the sculptures were created is broadcasted for curious visitors.

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